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At SBMS we have years of experience in the design, consultancy, monitoring and maintenance of the bridges.




As a leading bridge specialist contractor, we work closely with manufacturer to custom design the bridge rubber bearings to suit the bridge structure. We have qualified engineers on site with skilled workers for the replacement of bridge rubber bearings.

We have 3 types of mechanical pot bearing designs which include fixed type, guided type and free type. These bearings are suitable for use in structures with low to high loading and frequent movements and rotations.

SB Atlas 817 is a standard asphaltic plug joint which provides a flexible, waterproof joint with excellent ride quality for road users and noiseless characteristics for minimal impact on the environment.

Elastomeric bridge joints comprise steel angles and steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. It has good riding quality and skid resistance that is not hazardous to all road users.

A surface mounted mechanical system, with a custom-formula concrete between two metal runners. The designed grout provides unrivalled anchorage to the deck due to its remarkable bonding qualities.

Modular Expansion Joints are highly durable, have no loose or moving steel parts thus totally eliminating it from damages due to frequent load changes. The lamella beams work in series to accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction of bridge decks thus protecting it from damage.

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